The Reason behind Creation of Rolex watches 

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BTNO - The Reason behind Creation of Rolex watches

Times have changed greatly over the past 10 years in terms of launching new replica watches in the luxury sector. In recent years, almost all watches have been designed to meet market trends and demand, because any actual timing device no longer requires machinery. In the past, this was not the case, which is why the entire diving watch section was created, like many other fake watches with practical applications.

Like many other brands, Rolex is very committed to developing practical replica watches, and many of the older watches in its current collection were originally conceived on that basis. Skipping the (obvious) submariner, we'll take a quick look at the origin story behind other Rolex's icons. Is the driving force behind their creation?

When Rolex decided to develop the Sea Dweller, the submarine was already popular with professional divers on the market and was able to descend to a depth of 200 meters. However, a group of professional divers on the SeaLab expedition noticed that crystals would pop out of the Subs during decompression after a long dive.

Now, obviously this is a very small situation for a very small population, but Rolex is starting to solve this problem with a new version created specifically for extended saturation diving, such as the one SeaLab is working on. The result is not only a 610-meter watch with a helium escape valve. At its simplest, helium accumulates in the case of the replica watch when it is submerged for long periods of fake rolex watches time (the air mixture includes helium). This causes pressure to build up during decompression, and the helium relief valve is designed to release pressure without affecting the watertightness of the case.

With the first series of Explorer in production, the arrival of Explorer II was particularly prominent in its design. Although it is now the traditional GMT, the first version reference to 1655 landing in 1971 used only its oversized hands as a 24-hour indicator. The combination of oversized hands and important applications of luminous material are aimed at an industry that spends hours (and days) in the dark, precisely by speleologists.

These scientists are constantly exploring the world's caves underground, so a reliable replica watch is needed to help them know exactly what time it is on the ground (no sign of daylight has been found). As the model was updated, changes to the more traditional GMT Settings made it more accessible, which in turn ensured its longevity in the Rolex sports watch catalog.

It's crazy how important resistance to magnetism is (and still is) when it comes to mechanical watches and industrial environments. Milgauss's development began in 1956, long before the era of intense magnetic exposure, and was a relevant problem for those working in power plants, research facilities, medicine and even trains.